Winner of The Big Draw - People's Choice Awards PLAY! 2018 (Uk)

Winner of Print Swap Collection - PrintSwap + FeatureShot.

Best New Entry - Editors pick, on EyeEm (EyeEmNewHere).

Best Photographers of The Week on EyeEm (07, 17th-23rd -TheWeekOnEyeEm).

Best Photographers of The Week on EyEm (08, 11th-18th - TheWeekOnEyeEm).

Featured photographer in Plateform Magazine | Issue #103


Upcoming Events:

IMMORTALATI | AUDITORIUM SALA SUPERIORE - Via delle Fornaci 161 | 27.10.19 - ore 10:00

IMMORTALATI | S. SPIRITO IN SASSIA - Sala Teatro, via dei Penitenzieri, 1 | 22.5.19 - ore 18:00

IMMORTALATI | Biblioteca Vaccheria Nardi | 25.5.19 - ore 19:30 | Via Grotta di Gregna, 37.

IMMORTALATI, 2019. Stampa ai sali d'argento.

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