Most of my photographic work was influenced by being a twin. Since I was a child, I remember not having "specific" photograph of me where I could recognize myself, because my parents never wrote names back to the prints. So, in the mid 1980's - while all the children were over-photographed  thanks to the widespread use of cheap cameras - I spent my time trying to understand who I was in the photos, without knowing it for sure. Today, I still don't know. This gap represents a sort of lack of perception of me within my growth as an individual, in the sense that I have no idea what I was like as a child; I only had a perception on me in relation to another human: "If I am not this little girl, then I am this little girl." And so on for ages. Ever since "photography" has been synonymous of "research" for me, and the theme of "double" is recurrent in the body of my work, not specifically intended as a double exposure, but double intended in the relation that I represent between the subjects of my photos: they're always strictly connected, and some tension always comes out of love. In my photographs, in fact, my criticism and my forgiveness for human frailty coexist.

Winner of The Big Draw - People's Choice Awards PLAY! 2018 (Uk)

Winner of Print Swap Collection - PrintSwap + FeatureShot.

Best New Entry - Editors pick, on EyeEm (EyeEmNewHere).

Best Photographers of The Week on EyeEm (07, 17th-23rd -TheWeekOnEyeEm).

Best Photographers of The Week on EyEm (08, 11th-18th - TheWeekOnEyeEm).

Featured photographer in Plateform Magazine | Issue #103

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