I was born in Rome, 1980. I studied art, then I decided to be more specific in photography, so I attended the triennal Arte e Mestieri Photography School of Rome, under the guide of Francesca Molé. I've always been drawn to stories about human health and illness, medicine and sufferance. Both sides are part of human's daily experience and no matter how touched or conscious we are about that, we slip into it from side to side. Lot of my visual interest concerns my family. As a photographer the very first thing you ever document is your family. This is why, I guess, I prefer tension to beauty. I prefer the "effet noir" to the good picture. I want to see in the dark and through it. We all know what light is and we are commonly tempted by light, this is why we easily get scared about darkness, in its metaphorical extension of the "unknow experience". Truth in photography is a mystery hanging between me and photography itself. There are so many combinations in taking a picture, reading a picture, and finally in the use of a picture, that my will to tell a story through the lenses is just an opportunity to pick up one thing in a million to consider. Photography is the place of untrue statementes, but it's made of million true things. I live and work between Italy and Germany.

I worked for/collaborated with:

IILA (Istituto Latino Americano) - Fondazione Volume! - La Feltrinelli - Exibart - Giosetta Fioroni - IAPH Italia - RETROME – Vintage Styled accomodation in Rome - UTET - Unione Tipografico-Editrice Torinese - CIDD - Casa Internazionale Delle Donne - Robanhaye Sabz – Nastri Verdi - Flyer Communication - Loyola University Chicago - The John Felice Rome Center - Casa delle Letterature - Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali di Roma - Fondazione Antonio Ratti di Como - Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione Europea - Gangemi - Visual Advertising Srl - Comune di Padova - Rubbettino Editore - Kristin Jones - Tevereterno - Galerie Exposure Twelve Berlin - La Schillerstrasse Muenchen - Archivio Collezione Garzia - Romart - TRU Trussardi/Miriam Spizzichino fashion blogger - Italia Zuccheri - Halides.org - 24H Drawing Lab - Ricordiamoinsieme.org - Aned - Associazione Ebrei e Cristiani - William Kentridge | Triumphs&Laments - Archivio Menna Binga - EyeEm Berlin/NewYork - Getty Images - Archivia Cidd - Christina Maria Pfeifer - k.m. Kunstverein Muenchen - Eataly Festa della Birra Artigianale - S.M.A.R.T Teatro Anfitrione - Costantino Baldino Artista.


A huge thank to my sister Sara Spizzichino for pointing my camera to me and get the perfect moment ever.