La mia collaborazione con l'artista tedesca Christina Maria Pfeifer.

My collaboration with the German artist Christina Maria Pfeifer.

Christina Maria Pfeifer (Cy-born + Konzept) + Rivka Spizzichino (Fotografie) Portrait of a Extraterrestrial: Cy-born (Motiv 1,2,3,4), 2016

Silbergelatineabzug hinter Filter 50 x 40 cm Auflage: 4/11 + 2 AP EUR 500,00 zuzügl. Rahmenkosten EUR 100,00 k.m 02414

Art is a job. © 2017 Rivka Spizzichino | All photos and drawings are copyright protected and are the property of Rivka Spizzichino. Please contact for permission. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these images and materials without written permission from the author is prohibited.

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