Disclosed + The Book Of Hatred, 2018. Front cover.


(Ongoing project)

Discolsed is a story about the few months following from a cheating. It reveals the message sent from unconsciuos, when a lover is cheating on. This is why every elements in the book is not really unveiled. And this is also why in the book you might find low quality images with an increase of pixel noise, and deleted texts. Occasionally, lovers are covering their faces. Disclosed is the moment before understanding. It’s intuition, not yet the fact. Disclosed tells how sometimes couples are held together by two compatible dysfunctions, rather than a conscious choice. It tells about how fragility lets people clinging on the words, and dismissing the facts.



It tells about communication underneath the dialogues of love.


Texts didn’t come out of my fantasy, but are taken from original conversations, chat, email, text messages, and from the Notebook Of Hatred.​ The editing of the book had to evocate the concept of negation.


Disclosed will be presented during NoPlace4 exhibition, and it's part of Solitude Project.

04.21.2018 Ex-Ceramiche Vaccari, Santo Stefano di Magra (La Spezia). Limited edition prints available.


Possible Role Of Women in Men's Life.



This dummy contains:

Scan from original negatives.

Scan of original prints from negative.

Digital photos.

A selection of writings from The Notebook of Hatred.


Copy from the original Notebook of Hatred, 2018. Edition of 2 (not included).

64 pages, no binding, soft cover. Laserprinting on CopyColor Mondi Paper, 100gr. Silver gelatin prints are mounted on Fabriano cardboard, 200gr.

Collector's Edition will be soon available.

No film was harmed in the making of this book.

©Rivka Spizzichino 2018

The following people have contributed either their time, support, words, friendship, profession, vision, love in an important and fundamental way:

Sara Spizzichino, Francesca Molé, Arianna Petri, Lorenzo Imprescia.


Sara, Matteo, Samantha, Grazia, Jacopo, Pietro, Arianna, Valentina, Lorenzo, Suzanne, Francesca, Marianna, Paolo, Melania, Simone, Stefano L., Roberta T., Mariela, Mauro, Kirila, Valeria and Roberta M.

My mum, and my dad.

This is an ongoing project, it might change in a while. Come back on this page anytime soon.

Feel free to ask infos to: rivka.spizzichino@gmail.com