During pandemic of Covid-19, weddings were one of the many joyful moments people had to renounce. But this is a special story of a man and his family, and a urgent wedding because of an imminent job transfer in United Kingdom.


Though Italy is no longer under lockdown, some restrictions are still dominating people lives. Weddings are still not allowed. The only chance for the Genco’s was to get married in an empty city Hall nearby Rome. No one was invited, except wedding witnesses. It is going to be a conference call, via Zoom. Well, we are used to that now. Masks on.

I had the privilege to take pictures of this day, telling a segment of quarentine, and how much of our lives in the last 3 months were lived through a monitor, in a contemporary storytelling made of real lives who chose happiness no matter pandemic, no matter if happiness is a different thing now.